「Lightning Returns: FF13」 Dead Dunes ~ “Bhakti: Even Robot have Souls”

One of my favorite quest in the game, 3rd time seeing this, 3rd time so sad…

One thought on “「Lightning Returns: FF13」 Dead Dunes ~ “Bhakti: Even Robot have Souls”

  1. This was the first (and so far only) Final Fantasy I’ve ever played. Very interesting. Although playing with the clock ticking and the world ending made me a bit anxious. And you have to save people’s souls before the final hour. And I remember one funny quest where a little girl lost her teddy bear. As I rarely play RPGs I wasn’t used to how they work, and in my haste I gave her a red teddy bear (the one she lost was blue or green, if I recall correctly), she then said it became red out of anger/sadness or that it bled to death or something, she became depressed, the quest was completed but failed and the game told me “her soul could not be saved”. A bit unsettling but interesting. These Japanese games are very dreamy. I think people like them because they are inevitably imbued with some form of Japanese spirituality/world view. I like these type of games a lot but I don’t play them out of fear of becoming too immersed.


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