From American Everyman to Nomadic Everyman

Although this post won’t be primarily about YouTube, I will point out that a few of the functions on YouTube can be valuable. Some people have asked me why I prefer to read books by using Google Books. Well, I don’t prefer to read books in this way, but it is a convenient way to read books, and I do most of my reading on Google Books. The other apps for reading books and documents that I have installed on my smartphone are ReadEra and Adobe Acrobat. The thing is that I can easily change the covers of the books that I upload to Google Books. The website where this can be done is I can save any picture that I want on my computer and then change the cover of a file that I upload to Google Books. I’ve also organized my books in Google Books by shelves. All the covers of the files that I have in Google Books are the same size and they’re the covers that I want to see (like original covers that aren’t printed anymore). Because of this, all of my books in Google Books are neatly organized and they look splendid. Anyway, I’m not someone who spends a lot of time online. Therefore, I don’t regularly search for videos that I might like. Still, since I’ve been using YouTube for years, I’ve discovered several dozen channels that I’ve subscribed to. Some of the people running these channels no longer post videos because they don’t have the time to make videos anymore. Others don’t make videos because they no longer want to. And there are those that still make videos, but their videos are no longer interesting because they’ve lost the passion for making inspired videos. Still, a few dozen channels that I’ve subscribed to continue to make worthy videos. Over the years, for example, I’ve subscribed to over a dozen channels that are run by young women, and also by not so young women, that make ASMR videos. Interestingly, the young women that do get into the business of making ASMR videos are usually well-behaved and quite well-educated. They are usually from the middle class or at least from the lower middle class. I don’t exactly remember how I found each one of these channels, but I can say that I discovered at least a few of them thanks to the recommended videos section on my YouTube homepage. So, this section can actually be useful once in a while. A few months ago, I discovered a few channels in this way that have since become my new favorites. One of the videos that caught my attention in December of 2021 is titled ‘Reset Routine: a productive sunday spent getting ready for a new week’. It’s fortunate that the thumbnail of this video made me notice it. Thanks to this video, I’ve discovered a channel that has become one of my favorites. I’ve already seen about two dozen videos on this channel, and this find even made me make several of my own videos earlier than I initially planned. I suppose that it’s nice to find someone with similar interests. Several of the people whose channels I follow also get donations from me on Patreon every month. I don’t donate a lot. The most that I donate to any one person is $2 a month. I think that this is fair since I read, watch, or repost their content. In this way, I spend about $10 on Patreon donations every month. I got into the habit of making donations every month several years ago, when I found Scott Creighton’s website. It was actually because of Webster Tarpley that I was able to find his American Everyman website. Nowadays, Scott uses the monicker Nomadic Everyman. When I was searching for some information about Tarpley on Google, I came across an article written by Scott. In those days, before Google seriously got into the matter of censorship, it was still possible to find articles by someone like Scott by using Google search. In his article, Scott wrote about how Tarpley plays the role of controlled opposition. Scott is easily the most right-wing left-winger that I know. In fact, he may as well call himself a right-winger because he thinks and acts like a right-wing reactionary. But does this bother me? Heck no. He’s one of my favorite people online. After looking at Scott’s other articles, I realized that his website is something special, and I began donating $5 to him every month by using PayPal. Since then, I’ve reduced my donation to Scott to $1 every month. I did this not because I dislike his work now but because I’ve discovered other channels on YouTube since then that interest me just as much or even more. At this time, I don’t want to spend more than $10 on Patreon donations every month. Therefore, a few people don’t receive as much from me now as they used to. I’m not someone who donates a lot, and there was even a time in 2020 or in 2021 when I ceased to donate for three months. This happened because Patreon automatically withdrew money from my account at a time when there was no money in my account. The problem with Patreon is that it doesn’t charge you on the exact same day every month. Therefore, I ended up with a $50 insufficient funds fee in my bank account. Because of this, I stopped donating for three months. I’ve already mentioned in one of my posts that Scott’s website on WordPress got deleted after the 2016 United States presidential election. And, like Alex Jones, he also got sued by someone because of an article that he wrote about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. It’s clear that he was specially targeted because of his opinion and because of the research that he had done and posted. He got a slap lawsuit. I actually found out about the fact that his website got deleted earlier than he did. It seems that he checked his website in the morning. But, unusually, I checked his website at night on that day, right after it was deleted. The termination of his website came as somewhat of a shock to me. I checked his website almost every day before it was terminated. I’m glad that he has continued to make content, although he rarely posts articles now. He only makes videos. Perhaps he does this out of caution, in order not to get persecuted again. His WordPress website, his PayPal account, and his YouTube account all got deleted at almost the same time. I prefer to repost his articles, however, and not his videos. Fortunately, there are still some articles on his new blog that I can use. Webster Tarpley has also changed after Donald Trump got elected in 2016. I stopped seriously following Tarpley even before the election. I’ve always suspected that he plays the role of so-called controlled opposition, but, for a few years, this didn’t bother me because I found some of what he had to say to be interesting. I didn’t repost much of his content anyway. Because I grew up in a Russian family, I’m a very suspicious person. I’m not like one of those gullible Americans. Yes, if you have a vile Russian barbarian as your father, you naturally grow up to be suspicious. Carroll Quigley was right when he said that Russians are not Western people. They’re quite different. I’ve had the misfortune of spending a lot of time with my so-called father. Therefore, I’ve had plenty of time to observe him. I’ve also had the displeasure of meeting other Russians. Quigley was right when he wrote that Russians are extreme in their thinking. Russians are treacherous. They dislike authority. They like to break rules. They are not reliable. They are sadistic. They don’t have the humanitarianism that Western people have. Russians have little or no respect for individual rights, for privacy, or for private property. And they don’t have the same sense of honor as Western people have. Anyway, I eventually stopped listening to Mr. Tarpley because what he had to say no longer interested me. He pretty much always sounded like an American nationalist, though he pretended to be a leftist, and he later began to attack China. From time to time, like every other controlled opposition figure in the USA, he attacked, lied about, and criticized the Soviet Union. And, of course, he viciously attacked Trump before the election in 2016, just like other Democrats. Since then, I’ve checked his website only a few times, and only out of curiosity. When I did this, I almost started laughing because he now openly and viciously attacks the Russian Federation and any other state that resists American imperialism. In fact, nowadays, it’s tempting to call him Mad Tarpley.