Wars In Peace: Afghanistan

Afghanistan, war in the Hindu Kush, a war fought by the Soviet Union to prevent the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism. Like Vietnam, a conflict dominated by the helicopter gunship.

Unlike Vietnam, a hit and run guerilla war not all rebels could agree how to win and one fought under often atrocious conditions for which the soviets were untrained and unprepared.

Afghanistan is a remote landlocked country whose closeness to Iran’s Islamic revolution scared the Kremlin. It’s also a wild mountainous country with few metal roads. This lack of easy communications dictated a two pronged invasion to secure the capital Kabul and the towns along the road system.

The invasion was personally supervised by Marshal Sergei Sokolov, the Soviet’s deputy defense ministry, extensively experienced as a war time tank general. He was a hawkish commander, but a conservative tactician who soon faced a federation of 24 major guerrilla groups.

Alex Jones at Richmond Virginia VCDL Rally 1/20/2020

While waiting for my wife to pick me and several friends up after the 1/20/2020 VCDL 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond, VA, we heard somebody shouting into a bull horn. It was InfoWars’ Alex Jones riding in his custom faux armored vehicle. As Mr. Jones rode by — screaming at the top of his lungs —I suggested that he go home to Texas. Virginia doesn’t need idiots like Alex Jones trying to stir up trouble.