Acer Aspire 5750 as my most reliable laptop

Since my Samsung laptop, which was released in 2018, recently broke down, I’ve had to do without a computer for the last few weeks. I’m someone who takes good care of his belongings. I’ve never had a computer crash before. But it appears that the motherboard of my Notebook 7 Spin has ceased to function. So, while I’m waiting for a replacement motherboard to arrive in the mail, I have to adjust to life without my trusty laptop. I took out my old Acer Aspire 5750 laptop, which was released back in 2011. This laptop may be old but it still functions. There’s nothing stored on it, but at least I can use the internet on it. Because this laptop is a decade old, and because I used to use it every day, it wasn’t exactly in tip top shape. I had to open it up and clean the motherboard, the fan, and some of the other boards with alcohol. When I was using this laptop regularly I once accidentally spilled coffee with milk and sugar on it. This happened years ago, and back then I didn’t fix my electronic devices or clean the insides. Despite of this, the laptop continued to work. This time, however, I wiped away the dried coffee and all of the dust that appeared on the inside. I had to fix the DVD drive, which ceased to open. Fortunately, the DVD drive didn’t have to be replaced. The keyboard, however, has to be replaced because a few of the keys don’t work anymore. I ordered a replacement keyboard on Amazon, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Fortunately, I have an external keyboard and mouse. Other than these minor problems, my old and inexpensive Acer laptop still works fine, and it has been my most reliable laptop. It has only 4GB of RAM and it lacks bluetooth technology. So, I probably won’t be playing any games on it. All of my saved game files are on my broken Notebook 7 Spin. But even the Notebook 7 Spin isn’t exactly a beast. It has 8GB of RAM. In other words, it can play games from the PlayStation 3 generation just fine, but it can’t play games from the PlayStation 4 generation well at all. This is one of the reasons why I don’t play or post reviews of games from the eighth generation of video game consoles. I also don’t own a PS4. Still, I don’t feel like I’m missing out. In my opinion, few great video games got released after the PS3 was discontinued. I’d like to play Bloodborne, but I’m not going to lose sleep over the fact that I haven’t played this game yet. I’ve already played Dark Souls. This happened in the middle of 2021. It would have been most convenient if I had been able to play Dark Souls on my laptop, but my laptop isn’t powerful enough to play the version that’s available for purchase on Steam (Dark Souls: Remastered). Therefore, I had to use my PlayStation 3 Super Slim in order to play this game. Among gamers, many of whom are young men that don’t have a good education, this game is known for being hard. Is this the case? This depends on how you play Dark Souls. As in most other video games, you have the option of leveling up your character in Dark Souls. If you do this, instead of rushing into battles without gaining experience points, you will have a much easier time playing this game. The only problem is that leveling up in this game is more time consuming than in almost all other games. And even if you do make your character stronger by leveling up and finding better equipment, you still can’t blindly rush into most battles. Even low level enemies can do some serious damage to your character if you’re not careful. Therefore, you also have to get used to this game’s combat. The combat in this game consists mostly of conserving your stamina while fighting, blocking with your shield, and striking an enemy when the enemy isn’t blocking your attacks. This approach to combat doesn’t always work, however. In a few cases, different approaches are needed. As great and as memorable as Dark Souls is, I don’t think that the director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is some genius. I think that Dark Souls was heavily influenced by the Diablo games. The big difference is that Diablo games feature an overhead viewpoint, but Dark Souls features a first-person viewpoint. In my opinion, the world of Dark Souls, the gameplay, the monsters, and the weapons are similar to those in the Diablo games. Still, I can easily say that Dark Souls is one of the best and most memorable games that I’ve ever played. It’s quite an experience.

Dark Souls II, the sequel to Dark Souls, can be a polarizing game. On the one hand, it retained most of the gameplay formula of the original, but it also introduced changes that can put off some fans of the original. First of all, in almost every aspect, Dark Souls II is a slight step down from Dark Souls. For example, the graphics aren’t as polished. This can seem like a turn off at the beginning of the game but it becomes insignificant as your progress in the game because many of the designs are still impressive. The combat is slightly different. I think that Dark Souls II is overall an easier game than Dark Souls. The world isn’t interconnected, like in Dark Souls. The game developers remedied this by giving players the ability to easily travel between bonfires even at the beginning of the game. The voice acting, however, is just as good as in Dark Souls. I also like the music, and the theme for Majula is one of my favorites. The more I played Dark Souls II, the more I liked it. It’s a very good game, and people simply have to remember that it’s not a copy of Dark Souls. Therefore, players have to adapt to the gameplay changes in Dark Souls II. I was still playing Dark Souls II when my laptop crashed. By then, I completed the main quest, but I had just started playing the Lost Crowns DLC. Therefore, my completion of the game hasn’t reached 100% yet. By the way, Dark Souls II can easily be purchased on Steam, and it plays just fine on a PC. I didn’t use a keyboard and mouse as controls. I used a bluetooth controller instead. Although I post reviews of the games that I’m playing or of the games that I’ve played, my blog hasn’t exactly been a gaming diary. Persona 5, a game that I finished playing a few months ago, is worth reviewing. After I finished playing Persona 4, which has become one of my favorite games, I naturally got the urge to play the other Persona games. Persona 5 became my first choice, and I began playing it on my PS3, having bought it before the PlayStation Store went out of service. Persona 5 can seem like an improvement over Persona 4 to some players, but this isn’t the case with me. I’ll admit that there’s more to do in Persona 5, and it certainly seems like a bigger game than Persona 4, but a few things prevent me from liking it as much as Persona 4. For the most part, Persona 5 features superb graphics and art, though its art style doesn’t appeal to me as much as the art style of Persona 4. The anime cutscenes that are featured in the game are not of a good quality at all, and they actually look somewhat worse than the anime cutscenes in Persona 4. The anime cutscenes in a game like Xenogears, which was released 18 years earlier, look better than the ones in Persona 5. The characters in Persona 5 also don’t appeal to me as much as the characters in Persona 4. For the most part, they’re somewhat modified copies of the characters from Persona 4. In Persona 4, I liked all of the characters in the protagonist’s group. In Persona 5, I liked only Haru and Makoto. In fact, some of the characters outside of the protagonist’s group, like Goro Akechi, Sadayo Kawakami, and Chihaya Mifune, are more appealing and interesting than the ones in the protagonist’s group. So, I would say that when it comes to story and characters, Persona 5 is slightly worse than Persona 4. When it comes to graphics, music, and features, Persona 5 is slightly better. Still, Persona 5 is a superb video game that’s definitely worth playing. It’s just not as great or as appealing as Persona 4, which is easily one of the greatest video games ever.