Yuri Lyubimov and the divisions in Soviet society

The importance of Yuri Lyubimov in the Soviet Union
Yuri Lyubimov’s phoney oppressed Soviet life
Yuri Lyubimov’s Kulak roots
Repressions in the lives of Soviet theater directors
Elem Klimov – how his liberal Soviet career began
Czechoslovakia as a link between the USSR and the West
Why the Taganka Theatre was founded
Leonid Filatov’s recognition of Taganka Theatre trickery
Vladimir Vysotsky wasn’t a victim of the regime
Mark Zakharov’s liberal career at the Lenkom Theatre
Stalin invented the Khrushchev Thaw
Yuri Lyubimov’s sharp criticism of Russian life
The exaggerations of Soviet dissidents
Ideological degeneration of the Soviet elite in the 1970s
Vaclav Havel had a Nazi father
How Yuri Andropov moved Mikhail Gorbachev to power
Mikhail Gorbachev – the Judas of Perestroika