The New McCarthyism and its Benefits for the Right

Why am I not reacting to the happenings that are occurring? Some people would like to know about this. Well, how should I answer this question? Firstly, I didn’t create my blog in order to constantly react to what is happening in the world, and I don’t consider my blog to be all that important. I created my blog mostly for myself and as a collection of some of the things that I like. However, I consider it to be a nice bonus if people follow my blog and like what I post. Occasionally, I make posts in order to share some of my thoughts and opinions. Even so, I appreciate the work of some independent bloggers that analyze current events and talk about what is happening. Initially, I didn’t take my blog seriously at all, but, as time passed, I began taking my blog more seriously, though it’s still not that important to me. What’s funny is that someone even called me a dick because of my bad jokes. Sure, I’ve been on a minor campaign of dickishness for almost a year, mostly for amusement. It’s because many people react to what I post. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like I’ve lost many followers since then. Some people have actually enjoyed my bad jokes. Well, I’ve had a bit of fun, but, if I get inspired to come up with another bad joke, I might share it. In addition, I’ve created playlists and a search bar on my blog, in order to help people navigate my blog more easily. I think that I lost a lot more followers after I made a post about the fact that I don’t see eye to eye with anti-Semites and with other right-wing extremists. Because of some of the videos that I’ve posted, my channel and my blog has attracted a considerable number of conspiracy theorists and other irrational right-wingers. These people are reactionaries, and they react strongly to anything that appears leftist to them or to anyone who disagrees with them. There are many such people in the USA. I’ve been able to observe their behavior over the years, not because I’ve wanted to do this but because there are many of them on the internet and because I’ve stumbled upon their work every so often. Obviously, most of these people are from the lower class, and they don’t have a good education. I’m not saying that they’re totally useless as sources of information. They’re capable of doing some fine research and of posting some interesting information, but, unfortunately, they’re also irrational and narrow-minded. Therefore, even if they do post something that’s worth reading, they mix it with their fictions, myths, and bigotry, thereby making it almost useless. It seems to me that they support most of what the establishment does, they want to support the status quo, they despise books and schooling, but they still see themselves as victims of conspiracies, and, no matter what the facts are, they attribute these conspiracies to people or movements that they consider to be alien and foreign, like communists, Jews, blacks, leftists, intellectuals, liberals, free thinkers, people of other races, people of other religions, women, and so on. Adolf Hitler, for example, was a conspiracy theorist. He saw himself as a victim of a Jewish conspiracy. If you look at the footage featuring Hitler, you’ll see that he talked and behaved like a typical Western right-winger and conspiracy theorist. Because Hitler has been demonized in the USA and in other Western countries, it’s clear that most conspiracy theorists don’t like to be compared to him, at least in public. But, since they know that he was a right-winger, a nationalist, and a racist, they still don’t think of him as a bad person. The more extreme conspiracy theorists and right-wingers think of Hitler as a hero. I think that one of the big reasons why there are so many racists, conspiracy theorists, and other right-wingers in the USA is because there are many black people there. Racism is a big issue in the USA. The number of Latinos has also grown considerably in the USA in the last several decades. Colored people are seen as a threat by many white Americans. Though most white Americans won’t say this in public, they think of blacks as lazy, dumb, loud, and obnoxious. They also think of blacks and Latinos as loafers who benefit from the welfare state. Therefore, many reactionary whites support cutting social programs, getting rid of the welfare state, and doing away with other democratic practices because this will hurt many blacks and Latinos. Since the beginning of the Cold War, the American establishment has made an effort to humanize and dignify black people. I don’t really know what the reason for this is, but it must be a good reason. Is it because they wanted to improve the image of the USA during the competition with the Soviet Union? Is it because they wanted to appease black people because of the black power movement? Is it because they want to appease black people because black people have suffered more from the economic crisis than white people? Or is it because they want to appease black people because, according to some forecasts, black and other colored people will outnumber white people in the USA in the future? I don’t really know. At this point, I can only guess. Anyway, people should know that I’m not running a propaganda channel or a propaganda website here. I didn’t create my blog in order to please people. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, this isn’t my job, and I don’t get paid to be a propagandist. For example, my channel is not like one of those offensive anti-Russian and anti-Putin channels that popped up on YouTube at the time of the Russo-Georgian War of 2008 or the Euromaidan of 2013. And I’m not like Alex Jones, or Jeff Rense, or Paul Joseph Watson. Such people are employed by the establishment in order to disseminate anti-leftist and pro-establishment lies and propaganda. If they had really been independent, they wouldn’t have had the time or the opportunities to disseminate their propaganda. Another reason why I don’t run a propaganda blog is because I’m not a reactionary and because I like to read books. Being a propagandist doesn’t interest me. In addition, the authorities in the USA and in other Western countries have been cracking down on independent internet bloggers for more than a decade already. Information that goes against the establishment narrative gets deleted or marginalized by popular websites like Google. Oligarchs in the USA and in Europe have also been spending more and more money on propaganda outlets since 2008, when the economic crisis began. I’ve been observing what has been happening, and I can say that, nowadays, the internet is crammed with anti-leftist propaganda and with other propaganda that the establishment approves of. Both the “lunatic radical right” and the “fake left” of the American establishment have been intensifying their propaganda activities. Modesty and common sense have mostly become things of the past, in this respect, as propaganda from the establishment has been getting more and more irrational, offensive, and ridiculous. For example, the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, openly gets insulted in the American media. And the Russian Federation is a country that still has a large arsenal of nuclear weapons. Things like this didn’t really happen during the Cold War. This isn’t happening only because the Russian Federation is much, much weaker than the Soviet Union. This is also happening because irrationality has been growing in the West since the end of the Cold War. It seems that after the Soviet Union “collapsed”, Western oligarchs could finally stop pretending to be progressive and presentable people, in some respects. Since 1991, they’ve downgraded the education system in Western countries, they’ve promoted more indecency in culture, they’ve done away with many democratic practices, they’ve initiated more imperialist wars, they’ve cracked down even more against leftist parties, they’ve attacked the welfare state, they’ve allowed the events of September 11, 2001 to happen, and so on. I must say that they’ve attempted to keep an appearance of democracy in the government even after 2001. They’re quite crafty. However, I think that they’ve done this because they can allow themselves to do this for the time being. When things will get worse, and I think that they will, they’ll do away with the appearance of democracy as well. Anyway, with all of this in mind, it has become a waste of time to run some kind of opposition channel or blog on the internet. Some people, especially reactionaries, may disagree with me. Conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, nationalists, and other reactionaries continue to wage their war on Twitter and on other such websites. This is fine, though I can’t say that I agree with a lot of what they have to say. But what have they actually accomplished? It seems that they, as reactionary individualists, have accomplished nothing. There’s a reason why the establishment viciously attacks left-wingers and not right-wingers. Left-wingers organize and form parties in the real world. Even mild left-wing activism is very distasteful for capitalists. This is the kind of opposition that the establishment fears. Right-wingers, on the other hand, are politically useless if they’re compared to left-wingers, but they still want to see themselves as victims. Whenever it appears to them that the right is being criticized or attacked, they react sharply because this doesn’t happen often. Right-wingers may think that they’re hot stuff, but, if we stand back and look soberly at what has been happening, we’ll see that the left has been attacked viciously and for many decades. This is why the right is growing and why the left is receding. Demonization of anything leftist is seen as something that is normal in the USA. Many people simply lack the will, the knowledge, and the bravery to resist the new McCarthyism.