How Reactionary is the Middle Class?

One thought on “How Reactionary is the Middle Class?

  1. I can agree here, but this observation isn’t new. Even someone like Webster Tarpley has already gone over this. The middle class generally consists of people that think that they benefit from the system and the existing order, but they’re also not educated or knowledgeable enough to see the problems and the harm that the system creates. In a time of crisis, when a large part of the middle class loses its privileges and hopes, these people generally begin to support fascists and reactionaries. Andrei Fursov, for example, once said that the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, cherry picks people from the middle class so that they’d work for the bourgeoisie and defend their interests. The internet, for example, is full of middle class conservatives and reactionaries. These people are wealthy enough to afford a computer and other such stuff, but they’re also angry and insecure because they’ve been brought down during the economic crisis, thus losing some of their prospects and expectations. Since they believe that leftist ideas are alien to them and since they can’t sympathize with the working class, they tend to support conservatives, reactionaries, and fascists. Funnily enough, because of their anger and irrationality, they also don’t even want to support a thing like democracy.


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