Wall Street Collapsing and the Deficit EXPLODING… but WAIT! Here’s a Story About (fake harmless) BOMBS to Distract You!

The Dow Jones Industrial average and the S&P 500 are crashing and ALL gains made in 2018 since Trump’s massive giveaway to Big Business and billionaires have been ERASED… right before an election.

Meanwhile… the deficit is EXPLODING thanks to significantly less taxes on Big Business and billionaires and MASSIVE MILITARY SPENDING… right before the election.

But forget all of that… (fake) BOMBS (that don’t actually hurt anyone)!!!!

Look over THERE!! Look over THEEEEERRRREEE!!!

Starting on Monday, a number of “bombs” were found in various locations, by various means and by various agencies that were addressed to various fake-left targets often criticized by President Trump and various parroting right-wing outlets.

Here is a list of who they were supposedly “sent” to:

George Soros
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Barack and Michelle Obama
John Brennan
Eric Holder (to DWS offices in Florida)
Maxine Waters
(as of writing this article… something was supposedly found in Tribeca address to Robert De Niro)

None of these “bombs” made it to their intended targets or at least the ones listed on the address on the envelopes. Of course they wouldn’t. Only an idiot thinks Hillary Clinton or George Soros open their own mail. They are rich enough to have people for that menial task. They were all intercepted by either their own security staff, mail offices or by federal agents in the cases of the former presidents.

They were never a threat in any way to any one of the intended targets and in fact, they never posed a threat to anyone else either.

“None of the devices harmed anyone, and it was not immediately clear whether any of them could have…”


Lets have a closer look at the cartoonish #MAGAbombHOAX shall we and lets try to figure out what’s really going on?

1. They aren’t actually bombs:
“characteristic of or resembling a cartoon, especially in being unrealistically simplified and involving humorous exaggeration”
First of all, the “bombs” were not designed to blow up and injure people. They were designed to LOOK like a scary bomb one might see on TV.

“…law enforcement officials would not say late on Wednesday whether they were viable.”

Ask yourself why law enforcement officials would not say if they were viable or not. Then ask yourself why everyone acts as if they were when in fact several folks have made it clear that they may not have been INCLUDING a DIFFERENT law enforcement official and several bomb experts quoted in the same article from the New York Times.

“One law enforcement official said investigators were examining the possibility that they were hoax devices that were constructed to look like bombs but would not have exploded…

… Some bomb technicians who studied photos of the device that circulated on social media suggested that the bomb sent to CNN had hallmarks of fake explosives — the kind more typically depicted on television and in movies, rather than devices capable of detonating.

A digital clock was taped to the middle of the pipe, a feature that experts say is typically shown on fictional bombs in an attempt to ratchet up dramatic tension, but unnecessary in real life.” New York Times

As usual, the Washington Post was slightly less transparent about the potential danger of these “bombs” but even they had to admit there seems to have been no way to detonate them.

” … though officials did not immediately say how effective that or the other devices might have been at causing damage…they provided no detail on how they would have been detonated…” Washington Post

Here is a photo of the device sent to John Brennan via CNN (Brennan actually works for NBC and MSNBC) and along with it, there is an image of an xray scan of that same device.

This is not a bomb. This is a prop. There is no detonator and even if there were, how do you send a bomb with a TIMER through the MAIL? Its ridiculous.

Here is what a letter bomb ACTUALLY looks like.

Can you see the difference? There you see the det-cap attached to the det-cord wrapped around a circuit board which holds the charge to be released when someone tears open the package and the edges of the torn foil liner make contact.

But as you can see, the stupid pipe-bomb version is easier for the public to grasp in a 3-minute sound-bite news story about this event so apparently, that’s what they went with.

Make it “pop” as they say in advertising (if you will pardon the cheap pun).

2. They weren’t actually mailed or delivered by couriers as we have been told.

The only images of these packages that have been released to the public at this time are the ones sent to Brennan, Soros and Eric Holder and you will notice something interesting about all of them: they were never sent through the mail.

(because Soros is a billionaire, they protect his privacy by blurring out his address, but that is the package sent to his home address)

None of them have been stamped by the post office which means none of them ever went to the post office. The postage stamps have been placed there for effect… not for postage.

We are being told that they were delivered by couriers but that story doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny.

What happens when a courier brings you a package for delivery? They make you sign for it or they scan it but these things have nothing to scan, so recipients would have had to sign for them to take delivery. And that just simply didn’t happen.

No courier company is dumb enough to run up to your mailbox and stuff a bomb in it and run off for a few bucks for the delivery. That’s idiotic. They wouldn’t do it to your home address and they certainly wouldn’t do it at the homes of former presidents or the offices of current congress critters.

That’s just stupid.

So who delivered them? And what’s more… any Secret Service agent who is in charge of protecting former presidents who don’t have cameras fixed on their charge’s mailboxes are also stupid and should be fired. Truth is… they aren’t stupid and there are cameras on not only the Clintons and the Obamas’ mailboxes… but also on Soros’ as well. And I am sure CNN and the congressional letter office have some kind of security system to boot.

So… who delivered them and why have we not seen those security camera images?

Notice the disinformation here from both the Times and the Post alike:

“A fifth device sent to Mr. Obama’s attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr., was apparently incorrectly addressed, and because Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s name was on the return address, it was ultimately delivered to her district office in Florida, the F.B.I. said.” Times

“Officials said the packages used as a return address the office of Wasserman Schultz, who chaired the Democratic National Committee during part of the 2016 campaign. One such package used an incorrect address for former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., and it was “returned” to her office in Sunrise, Fla.” Post

How many weeks does it take a mail service to return an item to your address if it is undeliverable? This thing ended up being handed back to the original source on the return address on the SAME DAY it was supposed to be delivered to Holder’s office? The SAME DAY the others were delivered by the “courier”?

Does that make sense to anyone?

The story is ridiculous as is the deliberate misspelling on the labels. Its so comical, so cartoonish in fact, on 4Chan they have a competition right now to make the most ridiculous looking letter bomb and as of this moment, this one seems to be in the lead:

Yeah, this cartoonish psyop is a joke at least on 4Chan where folks are still allowed to post things they actually think. Rare today, isn’t it?

3. The fake divide between the left v right talking points regarding these events… aren’t ACTUALLY a divide at all.

On the left programing outlets they are saying this is all because Trump badmouths the press and demonizes various administration officials from the past. They claim his “toxic rhetoric” motivated some “ignorant” MAGA fan to send these “bombs” and are calling for “civility” (which I guess means “stop talking bad about previous fake left sellouts”)

On the right programing outlets they are saying this is a “false flag” done by these same fake left sellouts in order to drive up panic in the ranks of the lefties in order to “get out the vote” as they also call for “civility” from the unwashed masses.

Both are bullshit.

What do people vote with? Have you heard the cliche “vote with your wallet”? You hear it all the time in terms of using the glorious free markets to make your feelings heard. You also hear it on the left with the BDS movement.

But truth be told…

“It’s the economy, stupid”

People have always voted with their wallets… or should I say… for their wallets.

The elites have always hated true democracy because the unwashed masses do exactly the same thing they do… the vote their interests… which are usually focused on their wallets. And there are a lot more “deplorables” than there are anointed ones, so they naturally would do all they can to pretend to respect democratic ideals while doing all they can to prevent them.

Engage in a political discussion with someone from the left or the right and invariably, that chat will venture into the realm of finances very quickly.

That’s because no one cares about the fake RussiaGate stories or the endless demonization of China and Russia from both sides of the fake political divide.

What they care about is the economy. What they care about is their 401k remaining stable. About job security. About how much the insurance companies are going to be allowed to gauge them. About the deficit and how much that is ultimately going to cost their retirement plan and their kids’ futures. About how much it will cost to put food on the table and gas in their cars.

That is what folks care about and it has been that way since cavemen started trading shiny rocks for pelts.

In our One Party System, the Business Party, BOTH gangs serve the interests of Big Business and their billionaire sugar daddies. Both of them do. And as such, they BOTH SEEK to make sure the current president and right-wing congress critters are allowed to continue with the neoliberalization and austerity measures and IMF-style structural reforms the establishment is currently able to get away with.

It is difficult to understand until you step back and look at the history of this country since 1980. Republicans and Democrats alike have moved us further and further to the reactionary right without regard to who was in office at the time. And these days the Trumpster is doing more to effect that CHANGE than any of the previous presidents.

All while holding rallies to keep the masses entertained and distracted from the very establishment serving agenda he is following.

But this week a couple things are happening that they knew were going to happen and those things, were they actually covered to the degree they should have been, would threaten to not only upend Trump’s Baby Face image as a populist president of the people, but the could actually force his supporters to take a harder look at the REALITY of the policies he and the rest of congress are pushing.

What are those stories you ask?

Well, they just happen to be the two I mentioned before I was distracted by the fake bomb story.

The Dow Jones Industrial average and the S&P 500 are crashing and ALL gains made in 2018 since Trump’s massive giveaway to Big Business and billionaires have been ERASED… right before an election.

Meanwhile… the deficit is EXPLODING thanks to significantly less taxes on Big Business and billionaires and MASSIVE MILITARY SPENDING… right before the election.

The Dow and S&P are dropping because the correction is long overdue and because our military deals seem to be falling through not just in Saudi Arabia but in Turkey, India and China as well. Plus, the trade war Trump is pushing with China coupled with his new sanctions on Iran which are being circumvented by the EU are costing American businesses money. But they are also costing Wall Street money because they are invested heavily overseas. Plus, they intended to plunk huge investments in S.A. by now which are not turning out to be available, so the investors are getting skittish.

And then there is the deficit.

Turns out, giving Big Business and billionaires MASSIVE tax breaks while simultaneously spending record amounts on the MIC results in huge deficits. Now, anyone could have told you this a long time ago since it was historically proven each and every time they do it… but apparently fans of Trumps (and Clinton by the way) seem to have really short memories.

Bottom line is this: distracting from these stories is important to the One Party System because, as George Bush once said regarding TARP, “The system MUST be preserved”

Neither party wants folks to see what’s actually happening as a result of the neoliberal economic agenda they BOTH push on us. Because if we weren’t distracted by all the talking heads chatting away about fake bombs that magically appeared and never could have harmed anyone… we would be talking amongst ourselves about the failing economy…

… right before an election.

But WAIT!!! There’s THIS!

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