Of Sayocs and Bowers: The War on Unchained Speech Escalates


Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?

When the MSM writes about our 1st amendment these days, they always include weasel-words like “extremists” and put the term free speech in quotation marks as if it’s a theoretical construct of the Nazis or something.

This weekend, as Israel killed 3 children in Gaza because they got too close to a border fence (yes folks, the same kind of border fence Trump wants and the left hates here, they love over there), two events took place that have renewed the artificial debate over whether or not we as a nation can survive the 1st amendment.

In Florida, a mentally disabled man with hair drawn on his balding head with a Sharpie and who lived in a van, was accused of being the Faux Bomber. He was arrested Friday while spinning records at a strip club. He used to be a pizza delivery man before he lost that job. He is estranged from his family and lives in a parking lot in a van decorated with various pro-Trump memes.

Cesar Sayoc Jr. is borderline retarded and has a history of playing fast and loose with the truth. In most civilized nations he would have been under some kind of supervised mental health care but we stopped doing that decades ago under the first incarnation of Trump when Big Business couldn’t find a way to make it profitable enough to privatize.

Sayoc, in spite of a long history of threatening and violent rhetoric displayed on both social media platforms, still had accounts open on both Facebook and Twitter right up until his arrest on Friday.

There was even one woman who had her life threatened directly, a clear violation of Twitter’s community guidelines, and when that woman reported the threat to them, they did nothing and allowed him to continue as usual.

Meanwhile Twitter was busy shutting down the accounts of people and news agencies that simply reported news from across the world… because Twitter didn’t like what they had too say.

Twitter apologized to the woman.

Sayoc’s Facebook account was used in a similar fashion and they only recently shut it down.

The punchline to this cruel joke is this (from the New York Times of course): “And a closer study of his online activity reveals the evolution of a political identity built on a foundation of false news and misinformation, and steeped in the insular culture of the right-wing media”

Yes, it seems adults in America these days can’t be trusted with a free and open internet because… “fake news” makes Fake Bombers.

Robert Bowers was a quiet individual before, as they claim, he walked into the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday and took 11 lives before giving up and getting himself arrested.

He “hated the Jews” as we are told he told the arresting officers who took him in, alive, after he slaughtered several octogenarians and shot 2 officers multiple times.

Bower supposedly shouted antisemitic slurs at his elderly victims as he attacked them using the standard weapon all of the previous American Gladio attackers used:

 “Bowers used a Colt AR-15 rifle and three Glock .357 handguns during the attack, police said. Bowers legally purchased the three Glock .357s, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation told CNN. It’s not clear whether the AR-15 was purchased legally.” CNN

And, as usual, there was a combat shotgun in the trunk, something else certain agencies wish to have taken out of the public sphere.

Bower was also on Facebook but not much is being made of that. He wasn’t a Trumpite, called him a “globalist not a nationalist” which will go a long way to demonizing the anti-globalization movement.

He (or someone in his name) signed up on Gab back in January right before the Youtube purge and Facebook’s first round of censorship.

Immediately on that platform, he started spouting antisemitic and “conspiracy theory” rhetoric like his paycheck depended on it.

Gab has been building a following as a true free speech outlet, like Facebook and Twitter once were.

So of course, they have been shut down, their hosting sites refusing them service, Stripe and Paypal have pulled Gab account as well.

Gee… that sounds familiar.

 “…the man accused of killing 11 people went to Gab, a two-year-old social network that bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to those platforms, and that has become a haven for white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other extremists. There, he posted a signoff to his followers.

 “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered,” Mr. Bowers wrote. “Screw your optics, I’m going in.” New York Times

The Times claims Gab to be “the last refuse for scoundrels” in spite of the fact that both Facebook and Twitter keep these individuals on their platforms for just as long as Gab did with just one of them.

That’s because as we slip into a new dark age where we fear each other so much and the MSM cultivate that fear and loathing on a daily basis, we can’t be trusted to speak to one another about anything without some guiding hand overseeing and over-correcting our discourse.

Gab is on the way out because it allows people to spread “fake news” to one another which incites violence, according to our owners.

Meanwhile Chuck Todd makes up ridiculous claims about Russia being behind the “fake news” Fake Bombing campaign and we are told on an hourly basis that Bashar al Assad and Iran created al Qaeda and “ISIS” in preparation for a new war in the Middle East which will kill ten thousand times more folks than Bowers or Sayoc did.

Anyone still remember the mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction?

How about the Gulf of Tonkin?

Fake inflammatory news does not inspire civilians to kill… unless those civilians sign up for the military.

It is amazing how scared Americans have become of the past few decades. Not that long ago, real bombs were going off in this country to the tune of one per day almost, and our citizens did not respond by demanding Big Brother sweep in and gut the constitution.

To be fair, most Americans aren’t calling for that… just the complicit media and the bought-off politicos whom they serve.

The truth of what happened with these two events remains to be unveiled but it is clear how they are being used and what is also clear is the timing of them, right before a critical mid-term election, seems rather suspect.

Talk about your October Surprise.

Shutting down free speech is never an acceptable answer to any problem no matter how scary that speech may be. Scholars and experts have been making that argument since they first started talking about “having the conversation” about “free speech verses safety” back during the Obama days.

Anything this poor writer can add to that debate would seem hollow by comparison except for the fact that I never made a single post about harming anyone, never threatened to kill anyone, never posted a single thing disparaging Muslims or Jews or Christians or any other religion out there…

… and yet all of these things they call for regarding silencing and shutting down and censoring and removing platforms and Stripe accounts and Paypal accounts…

… were already done to me a LOOOOOOONG time ago.

And if you can’t see where this is going… you don’t deserve a constitution anymore.

Time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?

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