Hitler’s shocking secret Nazi plan for Russia EXPOSED


ADOLF Hitler’s shocking Nazi plans for Russia would have left millions dead and Moscow completely levelled, it can be revealed.

Nazi war planners quite literally planned world domination when Hitler’s forces marched out in all directions from Germany.

Soviet Union territories were invaded in Operation Barbarossa by nearly four million Nazi soldiers.

This was Hitler’s greatest mistake, opening a war on a second front meant the Nazis couldn’t conquer Britain.

Adolf was confident however and shocking plans were drawn up for the future of Nazi-occupied Russia.

Daily Star Online can now reveal Nazi-Russia as Vladimir Putin celebrates the 73rd anniversary of the Soviet Union’s defeat of the Reich.

Hitler’s big plan was to crush the spirit of anyone who dared resist the Nazi war machine.

Adolf planned to “level” Moscow, according to the diary of Nazi general Franz Hadler.

Nazi war planners believed the utter destruction of Russia’s capital would break any hope of resistance by the Soviets.

And once the city of four million people had been annihilated, Hitler wanted to flood the ruins.

Nazi plans reveal Moscow would have become a huge artificial lake, a monument to Hitler’s victory and the centrepiece of occupied Russia.

Sluice gates around the city on the Volga-Moscow Canal would have been opened and water would have flowed over the rubble of the Kremlin and Red Square.

SS officer Otto Skorzeny was tasked to draw up plans to capture the nearby dams to create Hitler’s lake during World War 2.

Hitler’s desire to utterly destroy Russia was driven by his racist ideas – considering the people who lived in the Soviet Union inferior to the Aryans.

Nazi-occupied Russia would have seen millions of people executed or enslaved – including Russians, Ukrainians and any other Slavs.

Cities of Kiev and Leningrad were also earmarked for total destruction by the Nazi war machine.

Hitler’s chief-of-staff Halder describes in his diaries how the Fuhrer wanted to “level [the cities] to the ground” in the first offensive against the Soviets.

And then large swathes of western Russia would have been occupied by German settlers once the locals had been exterminated or expelled.

Soviet territory was to be carved up into six different districts by occupying forces – known as Reichskommissariats, and masterminded by Hitler’s foreign minister Alfred Rosenberg.

Russia was to be utterly dissolved as a country – and ruled by six Reichskommissars who would have been answerable only to Hitler.

The planned districts were:

Ostland, made-up of Poland and Belarus
Ukraine, featuring the region of the same name as well as Romania and Crimea
Don-Wolga, based around the Sea of Azov to Rostov
Moskowein, Moscow and its surrounding areas
Kaukasus, southern Russia
Turkestan, covering the top of central Asia.

The establishment of these districts was part of the invasion plan that would have been finalised with the destruction of Moscow in Operation Typhoon.

Nazi forces were eventually driven out of Russia by Soviet troops and the freezing cold of the colossal nations’ Arctic winters.

Epic clashes such as the Battle of Stalingrad finally drove the Nazis back.

And the number of Soviet war dead is recorded as more than 26 million by the Russian government.

As the US entered the war in Europe, Hitler faced a brutal pincer movement from both sides that eventual ended in the capture of Berlin.

Russia marked its victory over the Nazis on Wednesday with a massive parade in Moscow, with Putin showing off his new weapons.

Vlad has made it an annual celebration since 2015, with the initial event featuring troops from other Allied forces.

Daily Star Online previously exclusively revealed Nazi secret documents detailing Hitler’s proposed invasion of Britain.

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  1. Oh, no. Uncle Adolf, how could you? This kind of behavior can be expected from some American right-winger or some Swedish right-winger but not from you, mein sweet fuhrer. I’m a little sad now.


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