On Granville Square in Downtown Vancouver. Winter of 2018.

Granville Square is a prominent tower located at 200 Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver’s Financial District. Completed in 1973, it stands at 142 m or 30 storeys high, making it one of the tallest buildings in the city. The tower and its plaza are located atop the tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and adjacent to Waterfront Station (formerly the CPR station).

Originally built by Marathon Realty to house the headquarters of Canadian Pacific, the building was occupied by The Vancouver Sun and The Province on the ground floor and some upper floors until 2017 (it is now located at 2985 Virtual Way at Broadway Tech Centre in Vancouver); while Vision Critical occupies the mezzanine. On top of the building is the Vancouver Harbour Control Tower for the float planes landing and taking off on the Burrard Inlet. This control tower is the tallest in the world.

The tower was the only completed part of the original, Project 200, which got its name from the 200 million dollar investment needed from the federal government. The project included a forest of office, hotel, and residential towers, laid over the CP train tracks. But its best known for its “Waterfront Freeway” a proposed freeway with ramps leading to parking garages under the office buildings, before the freeway heads under the “Brockton Point tunnel to the North Shore.

The project didn’t go ahead because of lack of funding, and grassroots opposition

Colliers International occupies four floors and is located in the building since 1973. The current owner of the building is Cadillac Fairview.

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