Edward Scissorhands by Danny Elfman

Emotionally rich, grand Danny Elfman soundtrack for famed 1990 Tim Burton fantasy romance with dark overtones finally gets expanded treatment! Johnny Depp plays Edward in nervous, moving fashion, Vincent Price wraps his own legendary career as The Inventor, Winona Ryder plays beautiful romantic lead Kim Boggs, Kathy Baker enacts comic neighbor Joyce. Tale is by turns spellbinding and eccentric, haunting and romantic. Danny Elfman tackles multiple musical challenges by covering every base: ideas are tuneful, melodic, quirky, exciting, inventive, powerful, grand, intimate – and ultimately haunting. Main theme alternates between major harmonies, minor ones as upwards-leaning melody unfolds in gently yearning fashion. With gentle arpeggio figures, transparent orchestrations, boys choir in the mix, this theme remains one of Elfman’s most heartfelt and endearing. Even in its most passioned, sweeping orchestral/choral perorations, this theme remains tender and romantic, colored with a tinge of tragedy. Beautiful writing! Numerous thematic ideas cover all those other bases, from comic hair-cut scenes to dramatic chase scenes, from wistful nostalgic overtones to crescendoing scares. Yet no matter how far out Burton and Elfman take things, incredibly haunting love story kindles all other elements throughout. Expanded edition available courtesy UMG & 20th Century Fox. Production by Nick Redman, audio restoration, assembly by Mike Matessino & Neil Bulk, detailed notes by Jeff Bond, package design by Joe Sikoryak. Absolutely winning score! Danny Elfman composes, Shirley Walker conducts orchestra, adult choir, Paulist Choristers Of California. CD available as part of Intrada INT series!

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