Taylor Swift, Before and After


Taylor Swift’s look has changed SO MUCH over the years.

Although she started out as teenage country singer, she went on to become the world’s best-selling artist (in 2014), the youngest woman on Forbes’ “100 Most Powerful Women” list AND the most popular person on Instagram.

Would a person in her circumstances ever consider cosmetic enhancements?

Sure she would.

Recently, I came across a Salon article revealing that Taylor had a privileged upbringing, and that her family relocated to Nashville when she was still in high school to help her break into country music. Her father even “bought a piece of Big Machine, the label to which Swift signed.”

I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that she might later get a beauty tweak or two, for the sake of advancing her career. Whatever it takes, right?

Here’s a closer look…

Taylor made her official red carpet debut at just 17 years old. Her image is so über-controlled now, it’s refreshing to see her with wild, frizzy hair and subdued makeup.

Then Taylor got really into these spiral curls. Except for the bangs. The bangs always had to be straighter. I know you’re looking at her nose and I am, too. It just can’t be the same one she has today.

I really love this shot of her in 2008. She was so naturally pretty back then! Thank goodness she eased up on that spiral iron, because these softer curls are lovely. I have this theory that we all look our best when we wear our natural hair texture; I’ve always liked Taylor with curls better than straight hair, which she wears most often now. Her skin is gorgeous, and she has a normal person’s nose, which is perfectly fine.

Okay, these curls are perhaps a bit droopy, and the side bang thingie isn’t as good. But Tay still looks pretty fresh. I think her nose is definitely wider here than it is today.

This was probably my favourite Taylor style era. I love the darker blonde hair colour for her, and these wavy, vintagey updos she used to wear. Notice how she always went pretty heavy on her eye makeup. Her eyes were a bit squinty here, but are more wide-open now. Hmm…

She started experimenting more with her look in 2011: turquoise eyeshadow, coral lipstick and a high ponytail, oh my! She reminds me a bit of a pre-surgery Blake Lively here.

Gosh, she’s beautiful. I wish Taylor would wear her hair up and off her face more often! To me, it looks like her nose was whittled down by this time; the effect is more delicate. And her eyelids aren’t so heavy—minor blepharoplasty? She was 23 here.

For a brief moment in 2013, she had straight hair and bangs. I LOVED this hairstyle on her, and do not understand why it was so short-lived. (Surely it’s better than the weird lob we were subjected to for most of 2014 and 2015?) I still think her nose looks more refined than in, say, the 2007 shot. But remember that celebs often have repeat rhinoplasties, so it may not even be her final nose. Ha! Also, it was around this time that speculation arose over a possible boob job, so she could’ve had multiple procedures at once.

Gah, this hairstyle! And, well, the styling in general. Sure, she’s getting more bold and experimental with her choices—but I feel like we’ve lost that natural sweetness from a few years ago, which is a shame. To me, Taylor can come across a bit awkward and gangly in some of her more adventurous red carpet get-ups, like a girl playing dress-up. Also look at her nose. It’s more angular now, for sure.

Finally, Taylor’s global domination is complete! She looks every bit the pop star in this fierce, graphic eyeliner, with perfectly smoothed, shiny side bangs and polished makeup. And yep, her nose is way more sculpted now than back in the day.

Taylor’s hair has now evolved into a chin-length bob with bangs. Her makeup is also a lot more playful!

I think Taylor, like many celebs, has undergone a cosmetic procedure on her nose.

There’s a surgeon who agrees with me. Dr. Anthony Youn told Radar Online: “Taylor Swift’s nose looks much thinner and more refined than it did when she was younger. It looks like she had rhinoplasty, which is the plastic surgery that celebrities have had the most.”

Do you agree?

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