Catherine Zeta Jones 1001 nuits Les clips

One thought on “Catherine Zeta Jones 1001 nuits Les clips

  1. Since every Muslim man is a magnificent Homo sapien specimen and the pinnacle of human evolution thus far, it’s not surprising that many women from the barbarian nations that surround the civilized Islamic world make perilous trips to the Middle East. They endure the heat and the flies in order to get their hands on a virile Muslim man and his baby cannon. So, enter Catherine Zeta-Jones, who played the role of a gypsy woman in the film 1001 Nights. She successfully manages to seduce a pious Muslim man by shaking her behind like a Latina. Yes, even Muslim men have weaknesses. Since 1001 Nights was a Western production, this French flick predictably committed several unforgivable sins against Islam’s superior culture. Firstly, a real Muslim man would never kiss a woman on the lips… or anywhere else, for that matter. Secondly, Catherine, being 20 years old at that time, was way too old to play a concubine in a Muslim man’s harem.


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