My Bad Japanese Homestay Experience

Hope you liked hearing about my experiences, not sure if you can tell in the video but it’s quite a hard thing for me to talk about. It was quite a big step for me to go abroad by myself for the first time and this experience was really stressful for me.

I’d really like to stress that everyone else on the course had a great time at their homestay, it was a really valuable experience for the people I spoke to – some of them are even going back to visit their homestay family this year! Nowadays I’m not at all mad at the family, although the way they treated me seemed quite harsh, it could be due to cultural differences – I’m sorry for causing them any inconvenience/upset (they probably complain about the English girl they had to kick out too, it wasn’t the homestay either of us wanted and that is sad). The most upsetting part for me was my treatment from the man from the homestay company. I was really taken aback, every Japanese person I’d spoken to so far was so polite and this man was so horrible to me! It was really shocking to be called a ‘horrible young lady’ when all I’d done was had an allergic reaction! I thought he’d be more understanding, but what can you do!

Although it did knock my confidence a bit, it didn’t ruin my whole trip. I still had a really lovely time in Japan, it’s a really beautiful country and I really enjoy the learning the language.


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