Obama and Clinton Still Dancing With Snakes


This Thanksgiving morn I wake to sadness for there is nothing to be thankful for, unless of course you are a brutal dictator who has served US interests for the past 33 years. If that is the case, then you are just smiling and clapping cus it’s payday in America!

In Saudi Arabia, a Yemeni dictator, a true dictator who neolibralized his nation on behalf of the international bankers and speculators at the cost of the well-being of 90% of his people, signed an agreement with the United States and other neoliberalized countries to officially step down and leave his country in ruin and enduring civil war.

The deal that our secretary of state brokered with the brutal dictator (after we tried to keep him in power with cruise missile strikes, CIA death squads, and drone warfare) includes and undisclosed amount of cash (probably mounds of stock options) and promises that he will not be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Joy and Thanksgiving for a dictator

President Saleh was photographed smiling as he signed his deal and his joy was so overwhelming he actually clapped his hands together a few times in celebration. His family, after 3 decades of pocketing US cash and setting up government business deals with his family members, is one of the richest in the world.

Saleh, like many other dictator puppets of the past, will come to New York for “medical treatment” and probably remain to live here, safe from prosecution or extradition, a reward for having served the American way of globalist business for 33 years in Yemen.

“Seated beside Saudi King Abdullah in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Saleh signed the U.S.-backed deal hammered out by his country’s powerful Gulf Arab neighbors to transfer power within 30 days to his vice president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. That will be followed by early presidential elections within 90 days. He was dressed smartly in a dark business suit with a matching striped tie and handkerchief, and he smiled as he signed the deal, then clapped his hands a few times. He then spoke for a few minutes to members of the Saudi royal families and international diplomats… ” MSNBC

Undoubtedly, the Obama administration will try to turn this into some kind of success for their foreign policy agenda. They can’t gloat too much as that would involve exposing the heinous nature of President Saleh’s dictatorial rule in Yemen and the Hunt oil interests it supported.

But let’s all remember, back in Dec. of 2009, when Barack “peace prize” Obama had just gotten started with his “CHANGE” program, he authorized two US cruise missile strikes (cruise missiles armed with the indiscriminate killer Cluster Bombs (which have been banned by most civilized nations)) against the rebellion in Yemen in support of the dictator who is now leaving office. Those strikes killed 23 children and a number of other innocent people and that was just the beginning of a Barack Obama campaign of drones and other bombings in Yemen which has killed hundreds more.

In November of 2010, just a year ago, President Obama quietly sent CIA death squads into Yemen to help tamp down the uprising in the north. He called them “hunter killer” teams.

“Allowing the U.S. military’s Special Operations Command units to operate under the CIA would give the U.S. greater leeway to strike at militants even without the explicit blessing of the Yemeni government. In addition to streamlining the launching of strikes, it would provide deniability to the Yemeni government because the CIA operations would be covert. The White House is already considering adding armed CIA drones to the arsenal against militants in Yemen, mirroring the agency’s Pakistan campaign.” Wall Street Journal

In January of 2011 Hillary Clinton went to Yemen in secret (Yemen at that time was deep into a revolution which we were helping to put down) and met with the dictator Saleh to hand over some cash and to show him he was still President Obama’s boy in the region. All told, the Obama administration gave President Saleh 300 million dollars in 2010, up from 17 million in 2008… I guess the increase is the cost of killing 23 kids in Yemen that the American people had to pay.

“Mrs. Clinton, the first secretary of state to visit Yemen since James A. Baker III in 1990, undertook a delicate balancing act. She gently prodded the country’s longtime autocratic president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to open up his political system while leaving no doubt that he remained a crucial partner in the fight against Islamic extremism. Arriving from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under a cloak of secrecy, Mrs. Clinton spent barely seven hours in this ramshackle, beguiling capital. But she got a vivid impression of America’s tangled relationship with Yemen, to which it sent $130 million in nonmilitary aid in 2010, up from $17 million in 2008, an increase that brings it almost in line with 2010’s $170 million in military aid.” New York Times, Jan 2011

Other “regular visitors” to the dictator’s home in Yemen under the Obama administration were “: John O. Brennan, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, and Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of the military’s central command”

After two years of killing civilians and protesters to keep our dictator in power in Yemen, in the end the will and the determination of the Yemeni people forced him out and so our “peace prize” winning president gives him a massive retirement package, invites him to live free in America, and will probably look to spin it up as some kind of “progressive” foreign policy success story for his upcoming marketing campaign for re-election.

Clinton made sure that the meeting to sign the agreement was just before Thanksgiving in order to bury the story as best as possible. Hate to damage the image of the Peace Prize President a year before the upcoming election.

President Saleh’s family is deeply entrenched in Yemeni politics and the military and they hold important and powerful seats such as the head of the secret police service and other intelligence positions. Saleh himself also sits on the boards of many big businesses in Yemen which he certainly will not give up. Even from New York, the dictator will still wield a great deal of control in Yemen.

In other news, Hillary Clinton has announced that the United States will not be able to live up to it’s responsibility and agreement to destroy out stockpile of chemical weapons by April 29th 2012 and so we will attempt to push that date back to somewhere around 2020 making us guilty of what we have accused Libya of doing, without the slightest bit of proof. We still hold thousands of warheads with both chemical and biological weapons in clear violation of any moral contract the United States ever had with civil society.

The US agreed to destroy its stockpile of aging chemical weapons – principally mustard agent and nerve agents – by 2007. The final destruction deadline was extended to April 29, 2012. And now it is seeking another extension, this time by 2022 Press TV

Meanwhile in Egypt, a revolution that was hijacked by Sec. Clinton and her globalist partners is again struggling to fight against the military junta that we helped put in power as an alternative to the real democracy the Egyptian protesters had fought and died for under the last days of our last puppet dictator, Mubarak. Chemical weapons are being used routinely against the people of Egypt… chemical weapons made and supplied by the United States of America.

“Tear gas! Rubber bullets! Nerve gas!” he cried out, displaying the spent metal canisters. “Where are they from, America?” people asked, already knowing the answer. “Yes, America,” the man replied furiously. The crowd murmured with unsurprised disdain. Like many gas canisters in Tahrir, one of his was marked with blue letters that read “Made in USA” and bore the name of the company that produced it: Combined Tactical Systems, in Jamestown, PA. Huffington Post

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