Tom Cruise’s son steps into the limelight to take starring role in Hollywood remake of Red Dawn

It’s a film that put Patrick Swayze firmly on the Hollywood map.

Now Tom Cruise’s adopted son Connor is hoping a starring role in a remake of the 1984 movie Red Dawn, will do the same for him.

The fourteen-year-old’s being touted to play the youngest member of a gang in the brutal guerilla warfare flick, which was once named the most violent film by Guinness Book of Records.

The original movie features the fictional onset of World War 3 after America is invaded by the Soviet Union and its Central American allies.

This latest version follows the gang of youngsters as they take on Russian and Chinese troops.

Home and Away star Chris Hemsworth is expected to play Swayze’s part of group leader Jed Eckert while Transformers 2 actress Isabel Lucas will take on the role of a cheerleader rescued from an internment camp.

The cast is reportedly leaving for military training at an undisclosed location in a few weeks’ time.

Filming is due to get underway in Detroit next month and is expected to hit cinemas in September 2010.

It’s by no means an acting first for Cruise Junior, who made his big screen debut last year in the Will Smith drama Seven Pounds.

Despite being the son of Hollywood royalty, Tom insists he and ex-wife Nicole Kidman have never pushed Connor into the world of showbiz.

In fact, ever since Connor’s adoption along with sister Isabella back in 1995, Tom says they’ve been very careful to provide the right sort of guidance.

He and then wife Kidman raised them largely out of the limelight during their eleven year marriage.

And they continue to remain close to them following their separation in 2001.

In a recent interview, Tom, 46, says he would never put pressure on Connor.

He says, ‘Who knows what he’s going to do?

‘But driving him to the audition for his first film role was a great father-son moment.’

One thought on “Tom Cruise’s son steps into the limelight to take starring role in Hollywood remake of Red Dawn

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