MLB bans two models indefinitely for flashing during World Series

Major League Baseball has banned two models from attending games indefinitely for flashing with the cameras rolling during the World Series.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summer were sitting behind home plate during Game 5 between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals on Sunday night when they lifted up their tops.

The moment was caught by Fox cameras during the seventh inning of the Astros’ win, just as Houston pitcher Gerrit Cole was set to face Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

It’s not clear if Cole was bothered by two models exposing themselves in his field of vision.

He did not seem to notice them in the moment, and since Zimmerman called time before he could throw the pitch, it’s impossible to say if Cole was distracted.

Zimmerman ultimately drew a walk on six pitches.

Following the game, MLB sent a letter to the brazen pair on Monday morning saying they had violated the fan code of conduct with the stunt and had been banned.

They shared the letter on Twitter from David L. Thomas, the MLB’s Vice President of Security and Ballpark Operations, which read: ‘During the game, you violated the fan code of conduct by exposing yourself during the 7th inning, in order to promote a business.

‘You are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely.’

Kayla Lauren, who attended the game with the models, shared on her Instagram story: ‘Just got kicked out of the World Series. In police HQ bathroom still gotta get that birthday selfie.’

Summer went on to explain on Twitter that she does not regret flashing the cameras because she was promoting Shagmag, which she says donates proceeds to breast cancer charities.

‘To clarify, yes we knew we would get banned, yes the [banishment] letters are real, and yes, I would do it again lol,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘More importantly, subscribe to @SHAGMAG_ because the proceeds go directly to women with breast cancer to pay for their medical bills.’

In response to one skeptical Twitter follower, Summer explained: ‘Our proceeds from @SHAGMAG_ will be going to women with breast cancer and paying off their medical bills. Meeting with them in person and doing whatever we can to help with the platform we have.’

Julia Rose is the founder of online magazine Shagmag, while Summer is a brand executive.

They are known for posting a slew of topless photos to their platform.

Cole and the Astros did not seem to be distracted by the duo’s antics, as they went on to win the game 7-1.

They lead the series 3-2, and are just one game away from winning their second World Series in three years.

Shagmag is a digital magazine that primarily features pictures of Rose and her model friends.

‘What is SHAGMAG?’ reads a description of the magazine on its website. ‘SHAGMAG is an all you can eat buffet of everything you want to know smushed into a digital magazine. See exclusive and uncensored content of Julia Rose and other up and coming instagram models, find out about the birds and the bees, up and coming masterminds, latest sports stories, and what the actual f*** is going on in the world all in one place.’

One thought on “MLB bans two models indefinitely for flashing during World Series

  1. Would you look at this display of Yankee immodesty. Two American floozies with the names of Julia Rose and Lauren Summer made it on the news by “lifting up their tops” at a baseball game. Yes, as the right-wing madman Alex Jones once said, America is a cesspit that’s overflowing with spawns of Satan like Julia and Lauren. This sort of thing would never happen in the civilized Islamic world. Fortunately, after Islam finishes conquering the degraded nation of America, and after Jabba the Hutt becomes Shah of America, Sharia law will be introduced and such profane things won’t happen again. Julia and Lauren will be forced to become wives of a big, hairy, and angry Muslim man, who will teach them how women should behave. Instead of wearing a few strings over their unclad, oiled frames, they’ll be forced to wear thick wool burkas. And if they dare to disobey their pious Muslim husband, he’ll drag them to the town square and violently flog them for all to see. After this example of Muslim training, the only thing that they’ll be flashing at a baseball game is the holy Quran.


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