“The most beautiful woman in the world” becomes a kindergarten teacher representing the Philippines! “Miss International World Congress” Photo Report | Daily SPA!


The “2016 Miss International World Tournament”, which decides the most beautiful woman in the world, was held in Tokyo on the 27th, and Kylie Verzosa (24), a kindergarten teacher and model from the Philippines, won the “Miss International”. This is the sixth time that the Philippine national team has reached the top for the first time in three years. Junna Yamagata, the representative of Japan, did not win the prize.

The contest was born in 1960 as one of the world’s three major beauty pageants alongside Miss World and Miss Universe. It not only competes for beauty in appearance, but also aims to contribute to the international community around the world. The purpose is to gather together as “goodwill ambassadors for peace and beauty” and deepen mutual exchanges.

In the past, Toshie Suda won the 4th place in 1970, and Hana Urushijima won the 3rd place in 2002. In 2012, Ikumi Yoshimatsu was selected as Japan’s first “Miss International”. At this year’s 56th World Championship, 69 mistakes from each country and region appeared, and the contest proceeded with the national costumes of the first screening, the swimwear of the second screening, and the dress screening of the third screening. After being selected by judges such as actor Tetsuya Bessho and designer Junko Koshino, the finalists were narrowed down to 15 finalists. At the end, in addition to the Grand Prix, the best 5 and special awards were announced in a one-minute speech examination that conveys the finalist’s own words.

Kylie, who was finally called, covered her mouth with her hands and looked surprised. She wept when she was blessed by the mistakes of each country. At first, I called out in Japanese, “Thank you very much, Japan”, and when the biggest tiara was given, “I still can’t believe this moment. I’m excited and happy. I’m grateful to my family. It’s really like a dream to stand here with your help, “she said with joy.

Ms. Versosa is 174 cm tall, has a bust of 84 cm, a waist of 54 cm, and a hip of 90 cm. Her toned body and cute face are attractive, and she says that she emphasizes “beauty is what is in herself” and her spirituality and relationships with people. From now on, she will be the representative of Miss International. I want to carry out charity activities as well. I also want to focus on mental health activities. “

Australia’s Alexandra Britton (23) is second, Indonesia’s Felicia Huang (24) is third, Nicaragua’s Briany Chamorro (22) is fourth, and America’s Katriana is fifth. Ms. Reinbach (18). In addition, Moldova national team Arina Kirchiu (20) was selected as the “Miss Perfect Body” given to the representative who fascinated the audience most in the swimsuit examination, and the dress dress and behavior were the most splendid and attractive representative. Ms. Huang, the representative of Indonesia in 3rd place, will give the “Miss Best Dresser”, and Ms. Chamorro, the representative of Nicaragua, will give the “Miss National Costume” to the representative who showed the most attractive national costumes of her country. Awarded.

Here, we want you to enjoy the appearance of beautiful women who are active at the world level, focusing on the examination of national costumes and swimwear.

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