Democracy NOW! – Globalist Force Continuum Tool of Propaganda

Stratfor just released a paper (The Syria Crisis: Assessing Foreign Intervention) detailing how the actions in Libya and Syria were low intensity psyops designed by Western governments (globalists) to force regime change on those two countries. They also state that the reports coming from the NGOs in those countries are certainly exaggerated to make the current regimes look bad.

The least risky and least detectable option for a country pursuing intervention is to ramp up intelligence activities in the target country. Such activities can involve clandestine activities like developing contact with opposition figures or encouraging generals to conduct a coup or defect to the opposition.

Clandestine efforts can also include working with opposition groups and nongovernmental organizations to improve their information warfare activities. These activities may progress to more obvious covert actions, such as assassinations or sabotage. Most of the actions taken in the covert intelligence war against Iran can be placed in this level.

Clandestine and covert activities often are accompanied or preceded by overt diplomatic pressure. This includes press statements denouncing the leadership of the target country, the initiation of resolutions in international organizations, such as the Arab League or the United Nations, and international economic sanctions” Stratfor

Clearly Democracy NOW! has become a go-to vehicle for passing along propaganda from the Obama/Clinton regime in their information warfare activities. They are constantly providing a venue for NGOs and opposition group leaders to spread their disinformation to the left wing supporters of Obama.

Above is Democracy NOW!’s banner on their “Libya Uprising” page followed by a few headlines from old DN stories which helped build support for Obama’s illegal invasion of Libya.

Thousands Feared Dead in Gaddafi’s Crackdown on Libyan Uprising

“Everywhere There is Graffiti Saying, ‘Welcome to the New Free Libya‘”: Democracy Now! Correspondent Anjali Kamat Reports

Massacre in Libya: Witnesses Say Protesters Have Taken Control of Benghazi Despite Gov’t Violence

Now take a look at DN!’s Syrian topic button. Look familiar?

As Syria Toll Tops 5,000, Activist in Hiding Urges Global Action to Stop Assad Regime Crackdown

Syrian Human Rights Lawyer Razan Zaitouneh Speaks from Hiding, Says Over 4,000 Killed in Uprising

Syria Attacks Protesters with Tanks, Naval Bombardment: “The Regime Has Made War Against the People“

These are not “uprisings” but rather carefully planned destabilization campaigns which have cost thousands their lives and perhaps millions their livelihoods in Libya and and soon Syria. Everything Amy Goodman ever stood for is being bastardized right now and people will pay the price for her compliance in this new world order being fashioned by Obama and Clinton.

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