Hayden Panettiere is a Dick

One thought on “Hayden Panettiere is a Dick

  1. Would you look at this display of Yankee wickedness. I’m not entirely sure what Hayden Panettiere wants people to think when they look at this photo. Does she want them to think that she’s a dick? Or does she want them to think that she’s pretending to have the measurements and the hardness of a Muslim man? Whatever it is, it’s clear that when Hayden shows off her dick or her other private parts, she’s demonstrating that she’s just another sinful Hollywood actress. It’s fortunate that I have not known about Hayden Panettiere until yesterday. It’s also fortunate that the holy armies of Islam will soon conquer the SSA (Satanic States of America) and that American Jezebels like Hayden will be tried and sentenced in Sharia Court so that they can be lapidated, sold at the Riyadh slave market, or forced to become one of the wives of a big and angry Muslim man, who will be even more abusive than Brian Hickerson.


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