FBI Cover-up Specialist, Louis Freeh, Wants to Produce the “unimpeachable report” of the Parkland Shooting


Louis Freeh, former FBI Director (1993-2001), has put in a bid to have his “risk management” firm (Freeh Group International Solutions) conduct an “independent” investigation into the events surrounding the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Fl. The selection is to be made sometime in the near future by Broward County officials and Freeh has moved his base of operations to South Florida recently… though he claims the move was planned before the event.

“Former FBI Director Louis Freeh is interested in handling Broward County’s independent investigation into the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, a county official said.

Freeh met Monday morning with County Commissioner Michael Udine and Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky.” Sun Sentinal, Mar. 5

“Get used to seeing more of former FBI director Louis Freeh around South Florida in the future, whether or not his company is hired to conduct an independent investigation of the Parkland school shooting.

His global risk management firm, Freeh Group International Solutions, opened an office on Worth Avenue in the town of Palm Beach a few months ago and is moving its headquarters here, Freeh told the South Florida Sun Sentinel on Tuesday in a rare interview…

Freeh’s business move was planned long before the mass shooting on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and is not linked to his company’s bid to conduct an in-depth and independent investigation…

County Commissioner Michael Udine has been pushing for a major investigation led by a high-profile individual or company that could provide “an unimpeachable report” that would show where mistakes were made and how they can be prevented in the future, he said.” Sun Sentinal, Mar. 27

The selection or even the consideration of someone like Louis Freeh as the person to create an “unimpeachable report” is absurd. Freeh, you see, has a history.

“Judicial Watch pointed to a “legacy of corruption” at the FBI under Freeh, listing the espionage scandal at Los Alamos National Laboratories, as well as “Filegate, Waco, the Ruby Ridge cover-up, the Olympic bombing frame-up of Richard Jewell, [and] falsification of evidence concerning the Oklahoma City bombing.”[4]

Judicial Watch said that Director Freeh believed he was above the law. The group went on to say that Freeh was “a man so corrupt he destroyed the office he led, and a man so cowardly he refuses to face the music for the illegalities he has allegedly committed.”[5] To this was added a claim that the FBI under Freeh was being directed by sinister yet unknown forces. “In case after case throughout the 1990′s, the FBI seems to have tailored its investigative efforts to fit somebody’s pre-arranged script. The question is, who wrote that script — and why?” Kevin Ryan, 2012

The cases that he oversaw while heading the FBI all seem to be tainted by his touch one way or another. Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that he was favored by the likes of George H. W. Bush and the Clinton crime syndicate as well.

TWA Flight 800

FBI labs found traces of high explosives on the wreckage of TWA Flight 800 yet, under Director Louis Freeh’s leadership, they buried that evidence and closed their investigation in Nov. of 1997 stating officially “no evidence has been found which would indicate that a criminal act was the cause of the tragedy of TWA flight 800.”

And then there is this:

“230 passengers and crew bound for Paris were killed when TWA Flight 800 blew up — just miles from the shore of East Moriches, Long Island. Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing a streak of light in the sky, heading toward the plane — an object that looked like a missile. There was speculation, at the time, that U.S. Navy ships may have been conducting military exercises nearby…

In the documentary, the now-retired investigators claim they saw FBI agents removed specific pieces of wreckage from the hangar — wreckage that was never returned…

The NTSB investigators said they were pushed aside by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from day one, ordered not to photograph the wreckage and not to go into one, specific room that was only used by the FBI.” WPIX June 2013

Various witnesses in the documentary reported being instructed by FBI agents as to what they saw and more importantly, what they didn’t.

That’s one example of the kind of “unimpeachable report” Louis Freeh has conducted during the course of his career. There are many others. Here are but a few..

May 10, 2001 — The FBI told Timothy McVeigh’s attorneys that it had withheld about 3,000 pages of documents related to the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

September 10, 1999 — After denying for six years that potentially flammable tear gas canisters were used on the final day of the Branch Davidian standoff near Waco, Texas, the Justice Department and FBI turn over documents indicating that pyrotechnic military tear gas rounds were in fact used.

May 20, 1997 — Three FBI agents who investigated the 1996 bombing at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta are punished for tricking security guard Richard Jewell into answering questions without a lawyer present.

The late Victor Thorn wrote about Mr. Freeh a while ago just as Penn State was hiring him to do an “unimpeachable report” on their child molestation scandal. Victor understood the relevancy.

“Without much argument, the federal government’s biggest cover-up artist for the past two decades has been former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Louis J. Freeh. When one considers his involvement in concealing criminal wrongdoing in the 1992 Ruby Ridge ambush, Waco, Vince Foster’s murder, the Oklahoma City bombing (OKC), Hillary Clinton’s Filegate fiasco, Montana’s Freeman standoff, the Los Alamos espionage case of Wen Ho Lee, and even the 9-11 terrorist attacks, why would Pennsylvania State University’s (PSU) Board of Trustees appoint him to lead their internal investigation of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal if for no other reason than to orchestrate another cover-up?..

In the 1995 OKC bombing, it was Louis Freeh’s FBI that immediately and intentionally confiscated every videotape from the Alfred P. Murrah federal building after explosions partially destroyed the structure. To this day, they’ve refused to release this crucial evidence that would show who precisely exited the Ryder truck that morning which was parked in front of the building. If the most fundamental piece of evidence in this case has been concealed since 1995, will Freeh and his cohorts use a similar modus operandi to suppress witness testimony or other reports at PSU?” Victor Thorn

Louis Freeh has a long history of fixing investigations to serve the interests of powerful interests. And his reputation for doing so isn’t exclusive to those of us demeaned with the “conspiracy theorist” slur.

And just for the record, when torture enablers at the American Psychological Association (APA) needed a hand re-branding their complicity in that illegal and immoral practice, they also turned to Louis Freeh to set the record straight.

“A prominent psychologist ousted from the leadership of the the US’s largest professional psychological association for his alleged role in enabling and covering up torture has enlisted a former FBI director to fight back.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Louis J Freeh, Bill Clinton’s FBI director, rejected an independent report begrudgingly embraced by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a politicized smear job.

The report, which leaked on Friday, is a “gross mischaracterization” of the “intentions, goals and actions” of former ethics chief Stephen Behnke, Freeh said. He threatened unspecified legal retaliation on Behnke’s behalf.

“Dr Behnke will consider all legal options in the face of this unfair, irresponsible and unfounded action by a select few APA board members,” Freeh said.

Former federal prosecutor David Hoffman, who spearheaded the 542-page investigation, found that Behnke was an instrumental figure in more than a decade’s worth of institutional enablement by the APA of torture conducted by the CIA and US military.” The Guardian, July 2015

Event after bloody event. Torture and espionage. From withholding evidence, to tampering with crime scenes, to strong-arming “confessions” from suspects to intimidating witnesses to change their testimony. Louis Freeh had done it all and been exposed for doing it all not just in the world of alternative journalism, but also in the MSM as well.

And now they are considering bringing him in to craft the definitive official story of the Parkland school shooting?

Frankly I’m surprised MGM Grand hasn’t hired him to do an “unimpeachable report” on the Vegas shooting as well. But I guess that one isn’t getting the same traction. I guess they shouldn’t have cross promoted with the Ellen D. “brand” of slot machines.

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