Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Tomino “Kill ‘Em All” Yoshiyuki strikes back at his own creation after five years of dormancy with this first sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam. You can say that he struck back with one heck of a vengeance. Zeta Gundam is a lot darker, a lot grittier and a whole lot more epic than its predecessor.

The staple of any good Gundam series is, of course, the story and the characters. Alliances, relationships, promises… all these are made and broken. As far as characters, almost every cast member gets his or her time in the spotlight and manages not to waste any of it. They show their strengths, weaknesses, nightmares, dreams, everything; you really get to know these characters. This adds more to the already exciting battle scenes (since everyone is already trying to kill one another). And as mobile suits fights and lives are lost, the background music makes it all seem somewhat beautiful.

Again, this series is a sequel, so one might need to know a few names, places and terms, but they mention them enough to get the relevance across. My only main gripe with this series is that it purposefully leaves itself for the sequel, Double Zeta. Though it’s not a bad way to keep the epic going, I still think that this series could have stood alone without one.

I suggest anyone who wants to get into Gundam, needs an action fix or loves hard-boiled science-fiction and drama to watch this series. And don’t worry, it’s “monotonous-bishounen“-free!

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