Ice hockey riots in Vancouver

HUNDREDS of ice hockey fans went on the rampage in Canada after their team lost a showpiece final.

Vancouver Canucks supporters rioted after their side lost the prestigious Stanley Cup 4-0 at home to the Boston Bruins.

The mob torched cars and rubbish bins, overturned vehicles, smashed windows and showered giant TV screens with beer bottles.

Mayor Gregor Robertson said: “We have a small number of hooligans on the streets of Vancouver causing problems. It’s absolutely disgraceful and shameful and by no means represents the city of Vancouver. We have had an extraordinary run in the play-off, great celebration. What’s happened tonight is despicable.”

A store filled with smoke as thugs covered their faces with bandanas to continue the violence.

Canucks captain Henrik Sedin said: “It’s terrible. This city and province has a lot to be proud of, the team we have and the guys we have in here. It’s too bad.”

Riot cops used tear gas and drew truncheons as they battled to quell the trouble.

Police cars were also set alight and several people were treated for stab wounds.

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