FLASHBACK: Alex Jones’ 1-Minute Justin Bieber Rant May Be Best Speech ‘Delivered in the 21st Century’


Twitter users praised a 2011 InfoWars segment after it resurfaced on the platform on Monday.

The speech: Controversial radio host Alex Jones, who has been characterized as “almost certainly the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America,” blasted popular culture and boosted one of his own historical heroes — 16th-century Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan — in the viral clip. This is unironically one of the best speeches delivered in the 21st century.

  • Jones suggested “fake” celebrities like pop star Justin Bieber are part of an effort to turn children into “mindless vassals,” instead of looking up to individualist heroes like Thomas Jefferson, inventor Nicola Tesla, and Magellan.
  • “I mean, kids, Magellan is a lot cooler than Justin Bieber!” Jones screamed, going on to describe Magellan’s hair-raising circumnavigation of the globe and death at the hands of “wild natives.”
  • “Going into space! Mathematics! Quantum mechanics! It’s all there! The secrets of the universe! Life is fiery with its beauty, its incredible detail, tuning into it!” Jones continued, expanding on other things he thinks are cooler than celebrities. “And they want to shatter your mind talking about Justin Bieber!”

Jones has been banned from mainstream tech platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter since 2018, but has continued to deliver his fringe takes by way of his radio show and InfoWars website. As for Bieber, he is now a drug-free Christian family man.


One thought on “FLASHBACK: Alex Jones’ 1-Minute Justin Bieber Rant May Be Best Speech ‘Delivered in the 21st Century’

  1. Would you look at this display of Yankee ranting. Alex Jones (a.k.a. Fat Jesus), a man who makes a living by swindling badly-informed conservatives and reactionaries out of their money, is making it sound like Magellan is someone that teenage girls should be looking up to. While Justin Bieber is indeed “pure evil”, Magellan lacks sex appeal. You can’t expect hormonal teenage girls to get the hots while looking at posters of Magellan. The only historical figure who had enough sex appeal is, of course, Muhammad. Moreover, the posters of ‘Muhammad the Warrior’ have already proven to be wildly popular with teenage boys. They show Muhammad in a desert, standing atop a Toyota war truck that’s packed with bound slaves. Muhammad is screaming “Allahu Akbar”, and, in one of his hands, he’s holding the holy AK-47 and firing it into the air. Needless to say, this modern art masterpiece has caused a bit of controversy.


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